Full Flavoured Meat

Locally produced meat

We specialise in producing hoggets (1 year old) for full flavoured meat.

Stock is grass reared, sent to a local abbatoir and prepared for the table/freezer to the customers’ requirements.

As joints we sell whole and half carcasses. Traditionally our carcasses are cut up into legs, shoulders, breasts and loins however we will produce whatever variety of joints a customer requires.

We have substantial demand for our special mince.

To produce our special mince we remove the shoulders and mince the rest (including the legs) of the carcass which produces a lean, high quality product much favoured¬† by our customers for use in dishes like shepherd’s pie, burgers, moussaka and lasagne. Two of our regular customers have supplied their receips which we show below.

Our special mince is available in half kilo packs.

Restaurants with their own butchering facilities often buy carcasses that have not been cut up so that they can produce joints/cuts to suit their own requirements.