The Appleyard Flock of Castlemilk Moorit Sheep


Castlemilk Moorit

Castlemilk Moorit sheep were  bred specifically to look attractive in parkland (possibly to appear similar to deer) to produce meat & wool to feed and clothe staff on the Castlemilk Estate in Dumfrieshire. At the turn of the 20th Century Sir Jock Buchanan-Jardine started to develop the breed on his Castlemilk Estate by interbreeding the multi-horned Manx Loaghtan with the agile French Mouflon and moorit Shetland sheep.  Moorit is a lowland Scots word for brown coloured.

The result of his program of breeding is an elegant, atheletic sheep with brown body and a pale underbelly.

When Sir Jock died in 1970, the majority of the flock was culled however Joe Henson MBE acquired a very small number of ewes & a ram. He worked carefully to preserve the breed and keep the line going. Today all Castlemilk Moorit sheep are decended from this small group.

Castlemilk Moorit Sheep are a primitive rare breed of sheep, classified as at risk (900 – 1500 sheep) by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST) who act as the Registration Authority for the breed.

Castlemilk Moorit ewes produce small, lively lambs and have few lambing problems. They are excellent mothers and very protective.

Click here to read the Castlemilk Moorit Sheep Society’s description of the breed.

Our Flock

The Appleyard Flock of pedigree Castlemilk Moorit sheep was established by Andrew Hayns and Penny Isaacs on land around Stretton in Rutland.

Our intention is to breed sheep at the larger end of the breed description while paying particular attention to producing animals with good:-

  • Temperament
  • Mothering characteristics
  • Soundness
  • Fleece
  • Meat

To assist with our breeding program and to  gather opinions from others, we show our sheep.

The views of respected judges and other experts help us to decide breeding policy. Please click here to see and read about our times at shows.

Pedigree stock for sale

We select ewes according to conformation, temperment and mothering qualities. Our rams will have been judged successfully against other Castlemilks and are only used if they are completely sound and their temperment is equitable.



Full Flavoured Meat

Castlemilks are slow to mature therefore we wait until they are a year old (Hoggets) before we send them to the abbatoir. Sent off grass with minimal stress



Organically Tanned Skins

Our sheep skins are tanned organically in Somerset. No obnoxous chemicals are used. Our sheep skins are: wholesome, useful and long lasting